PRAGMA is a specialized medical system used for kinesiotherapy and rehabilitation featuring remote-controlled verticalization. Used for many years in professional medical facilities, it has gained recognition of doctors, physiotherapists and, above all, patients. It is also the best in-home medical rehabilitation system.

PRAGMA replaces many therapeutic devices that require large spaces. It requires minimal space, however, its design allows to perform very complex exercises and conduct advanced therapies. Elastic suspension applied in Pragma is crucial for verticalization and gait re-education.

Pragma System in child therapy

Different ways of using, different patients

Pragma uses elastomers in the form of tubing rubbers. They support or oppose the functions of muscles participating in a given movement. Thanks to their properties, elastomers allow for multiaxial and multiplane movements while permitting a smooth change in training position. They also enable diagonal movement exercises useful in functional rehabilitation, as well as auxotonic contraction exercises that occur when walking or running.

Different ways of using, different patients

Prior to the release for individual clients, PRAGMA has passed many years of testing in hospitals and rehabilitation units, in competitive and recreational sports. It obtained only positive opinions and was a basis for many effective therapies, and in combination with therapeutic method of Marek Kowalski it was and it is an inspiration for several scientific papers.

Installation in patients house