PRAGMA is a medical system used for rehabilitation featuring remote-controlled verticalization. It requires minimal space and combines functions of many therapeutic devices that require large spaces (treatment cage). Used for many years in professional medical facilities, it has obtained only positive opinions of doctors, physiotherapists and, above all, patients. PRAGMA is also intended for home use. Patients for whom it is difficult to leave home, can benefit from unlimited access to physiotherapeutic sessions.

PRAGMA allows to perform complex exercises and conduct advanced therapies. Elastic unweighing system applied in Pragma, which is a unique solution on a global scale, is crucial for verticalization and gait re-education. This device enables to perform exercises in positions previously unavailable (vertical position, quadruple position).

Pragma System in child therapy

Different ways of using, different patients

Pragma is equipped with a set of elastomers (tubing rubbers) with different tensile strength. They support or oppose the functions of muscles. Design of Pragma enables to use elastomers in active and passive exercises, as well as to relieve the work of physiotherapist. Elastomers allow for multiaxial and multiplane movements. It is of key importance in rehabilitation of ball-and-socket joints (shoulder joint and hip joint), which are often wrongly exercised only in one plane. Therapy with PRAGMA takes place in a lying, sitting and upright position. PRAGMA can be combined with a treadmill, elliptical cross trainer, tilt table and other devices for gait re-education.

Different ways of using, different patients

Pragma is irreplaceable in the rehabilitation of neurological, orthopedic and geriatric patients. It provides patients with a sense of comfort and safety, eliminating the fear of falling, which often occurs in people who have problems with motor coordination, balance and orientation. Each Pragma is equipped with all the necessary therapeutic accessories. A detailed list of Pragma Pro and Pragma Home sets can be found in the catalog available on our website.

Installation in patients house